Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital

701 Kedron Avenue, Route 420
Morton, PA 19070


How do I know I can trust you?

Kate and Kim are dedicated employees of Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital.  Trust us, we know what it's like to be crazy about a pet.  With over 500 visits/walks under our belts, we have the experience and dependability that many other pet parents have learned to trust so much.  So meet us!   We also believe human intuition is quite powerful.  After a few laughs, we're sure you'll realize your pets are in good hands...ours.  We're serious pet professionals!


What makes you different from other professional pet services?

We are the only Pet sitting services that are associated and work in conjunction for a veterinary hospital.  We are employees at Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital, Kim is the office manager and kate is a veterinary technician.  What makes one service unique?  If our client's pets could speak they'd let you know!   


What type of services do you offer and what are your rates?

Please see our Services and Rates page for more info.


OK, so I want to become a client.  What do I do now?

Contact us.  We'll set up a meet and greet.  We'll come over and meet your pet. We'll tell you about our service, and you can ask any questions you may have.  


My dog is fine with other dogs.  Why don't you offer pack walks?

We have three reasons for this policy:  Training, Safety and Personalized Care.  (If you have more than one pet, we're happy to walk multiple pets from the SAME household.)  

1.  Safety:  If we are faced with a pet emergency or injury, we will be more effective when dealing with the emergency if we only are caring for one pet at a time.  Knowing pet first aid and CPR is one thing, being able to apply those skills is quite another!   Plus, mishaps happen when walkers are overloaded with leashes.  We want our clients to know that we give their pet 100% of our attention, at all times and are ready to take quick action when needed.  If there is one thing that all dogs share, it is their unpredictable nature.  Unexpected surprises, bad drivers, off-leash aggressive dogs, squealing children, faulty collars, and other dangers make anyplace a potentially risky place for multiple dog walks.

2.  Training:  Many of our clients are working on various loose-leash training techniques and other commands.  It is very hard to reinforce training when walking dogs from different households.  We know that consistency is crucial for effective training and we want be able to play a role in your pet's leash manners education.

3.  Personalized Care:  Our clients expect us to offer the same care they do:  Personalized care and individual attention, catered to the pet's needs.  Our clients give their dogs undivided attention, there is no reason why we should offer any less.   Through our one-on-one care, we are able to recognize pet behavioral patterns, quirks, and habits to create a walking experience that is tailored specifically to each pooch.  Sure, we could take on more clients by offering group walks, but it would hinder the service we are so well known for.

If your dog is friendly with other dogs, we always encourage on-leash greetings with other dogs that we meet on our adventures.  


Do you care for your client's pets in your home?  Why use a professional Pet Sitter?

We do not offer pet sitting services in our home.  We offer care in your home environment to minimize the effects of separation anxiety.  We visit multiple times a day.

Using a pet sitter in your own home places less mental and emotional stress on your pet when you go away.  Your pets will stay in their home environment with all of it's smells and familiarity.  We can also make your home looked "lived in" for added security by opening and closing curtains, bringing in mail/newspapers, and turning on and off lights.  Using a professional sitting service offers you peace of mind that your pet(s) are being taken care of by the best pet care givers around.    


When is payment due?  What types of payment do you accept?

Payment is due at the time of booking.  All payments can be made through Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital.  You can pay by check, credit card, or debit card at the Hospital.  If you pay at the meet and greet we will make an invoice for you and mail it to you or leave it at your house when we come for the visit.  If for some reason emergency services are needed, payment is within one week of the mailed invoice.  (Note, if you wish to use our Daily Dog Walking services, you will be invoiced monthly.)


What is included in the visit?

The visit includes everything your pets need for a safe and engaging time while you are out of town.  For dogs it includes walking, playtime, ear scratches, tummy rubs, fresh water, feeding and brushing if needed.  For cats, visits include litter maintenance, feeding, fresh water, our legendary forts (leave out boxes!), playtime and cuddles.  Also, basic house maintenance is included to keep you house looking lived in.  (Rotating blinds & lights, watering plants, bringing in the mail, etc.)  If you have a pet that isn't a feline or a canine, no worries.  Just let us know!  We've looked after turtles, birds, rats, snakes, ferrets, birds and fish.


How do I book Pro Pet Nanny?

Clients can request services via email Or you can always call us at Stoney Creek at 610-328-3600 and ask for Kate or Kim.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am - 8pm.  If you do leave a message, we'll call you back that afternoon or the next business day.  We will get back to you within one business day.

Do not assume that leaving a message, requesting visits online, or sending an email is an automatic confirmation of service.


When do you visit pets?

We have four standard time blocks that we visit Pets, but we try to work with thier normal schedule:

Morning Visits - 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM

Mid-day Visits - 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM

Evening Visits - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Late Night Visits - 8:00 PM - 10 PM 


Will I always have the same sitter, or will there be someone new coming in my house each time I book?

We know how daunting it is to place the life of your best friend in someone else's hands when you aren't there.  It will always be Kate or Kim or both of us that comes and hangs out with your pet.  

(NOTE:  If you want to be assured that the same sitter will always be caring for your pet, it's best to book services as soon as your travel plans are set.  If our sitters notice their schedule is open, they have the freedom to plan activities other than pet sitting visits.  If you don't let us know when you're leaving town, we can't promise we won't make other plans.  We're pretty awesome at our job, but we can't read minds!)


What areas do you service?

Pro Pet Nanny services Morton, Prospect Park, Ridley Park and Township, Glenolden, Springfield, Swarthmore, Holmes, and Secane.  We will travel anywhere in Delaware County we just might have to charge extra for the gas mileage.


So what kind of notice do you need for visits?

There is a saying in the pet sitting world, "There is no such thing as too much notice."  After you have made your travel arrangements, we should be the first people you call!  Note, visits booked within those time windows are subject to a $10 Rush Booking Fee.  This fee compensates your Pet Sitter for rearranging their schedule last minute, to accommodate yours.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you give us more than 48 hours notice for a cancellation, your account will be credited the full amount for future services.  (We do not offer refunds, just credits for future service.)  If you give less than 48 hours for service cancellation, your account will incur a 25% cancellation fee.  The remaining balance will be credited towards future services.  (We will send a credit confirmation invoice.)  From Thanksgiving until New Years Day, if less than a week's notice is given for a cancellation a fee of 50% of booked services will be imposed.  The remaining balance will be credited towards future services.  If less than 48 hours notice is given during the holiday period, 100% of booked services will be charged.  

For more information please call us at 610-328-3600, email us at