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Pro Pet NannyYour Pets Are Our Family Too....  Invite Us In!!!
Pro Pet Nanny believes that home is the best place for your pet. We are the next best thing when you cannot be there. We are an alternative to kennel or relying on friends and family.  Your pet stays in it's own familiar environment where they feel safe and secure. Since we are Employee's of Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital we are fully bonded and insured. You can be confident that your home is safe and secure.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind for everyone and of course a little fun for your pets.. 

Advantages for you: 

Knowing your pet is in caring, capable hands
You won't have to ask Friends or Family
We will bring in your mail and newspapers, and water plants  

Crime Deterrent services give your home a lived in appearance while you are out of town


Advantages for your pet:

Your pet keeps its regular diet and exercise routine
Kennels can be impersonal and stressful for your pet
Your pet receives love and undivided attention
 Multiple pets accustomed to living together, stay together
 If your pet is a puppy, elderly or ill & needs extra attention
 Your pet adjusts to your absence easier when they are home

Most common reasons clients choose Pro Pet Nanny:

An initial no-charge consultation visit to meet their Nanny

 Their pets experience anxiety when boarded

 They may become depressed, sick, or refuse to eat. 

Past negative experiences with boarding

 Overall health of the pet may require them to stay at home

 Clients enjoy the added one-on-one time their pet will have when a sitter comes to their home

They simply can't stand the thought of those concrete floors and metal cages!


For more information please call us at 484-602-5482 and ask for Kim or Kate, email us at