Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital

701 Kedron Avenue, Route 420
Morton, PA 19070


Doctor's Surgery and Appointment Hours:

Dr. Johnson: 

Surgery --- Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

Appointments --- Monday morning and evening, Tuesday morning and evening, Wednesday morning and afternoon, Friday morning.

Off --- Thursdays 

Dr. Latterner: 

Surgery - If scheduled by Dr. Latterner - Wednesday

Appointments ---  Tuesday morning , Thursday morning 

Off ---Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  

Dr. Tallant: 

Surgery --- If scheduled by Dr. Tallant - Tuesday

Appointments --- Wednesday Late Morning and evening, Thursday evening, Friday and evening.

Off --- Mondays and Tuesdays 

Dr. Slattery: 

Surgery ---  Thursday and Friday mornings

Appointments --- Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon and evening, Friday afternoon

Off --- Mondays and Tuesdays 

Dr. Henry: 

Surgery --- Monday and Friday

Appointments --- Monday morning and afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and evening.

Off --- Wednesdays 

Dr. Dunn:

Appointments --- Monday evenings

Off --- Tueasday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Doctors -  Tallant, Slattery, Henry and Dunn rotate Saturday appointments.